Todd White is the hottest living artist on the planet. His style has been described as Picasso meets the Rat Pack. He captures the fun and intrigue of restaurant, nightlife and Hollywood scenes in the most captivating ways. His common themes include wine, coffee, cigarettes, cigars, martinis and sex. He creates timeless scenes of diverse attraction. His profile and popularity have increased to the point where his distinctive style and iconic status are recognized across the globe.

Born in 1969 in Texas, he came from humble roots, although the artistic influence of his mother and grandmother, both of whom were painters, would prove to be profound. His first real break as an artist came during his twenties when he took a chance and relocated to Hollywood, where one of his key career spells came in the field of animation.

Through character development at some of the most renowned production studios he continued to forge his own artistic style, and became part of the lead design and animation team for the international hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants.

During this formative period White experimented with both style and concept, eventually arriving at a process that now guides him through every piece. Until he can conceptually see the story in his head, and has a title for the work, he won't begin to paint.

He is a full-time observer, noticing what others don't, always absorbing figures, faces, features, for later reference. Subconsciously, compulsively, he spends his life people-watching, scribbling down sketches whatever the situation (often on napkins, even table-cloths), to record an idea for his next work.

Within the exaggerated features and textured skin of his characters lies a frailty that viewers connect with. If Todd's work has a trademark, it is likely to be the hands he depicts. They are bruised and bloodied with fingers outstretched providing a sense of direction and movement. Even the sexy ladies he creates feature hands that show the battles fought.

He was chosen from hundreds of artists as the Official Artist for the 49th Annual GRAMMY® Awards, the world's most prestigious music event, and in 2009, Todd was invited by Warner Bros. to contribute to a major exhibition commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the timeless movie classic The Wizard of Oz.

Through his own unique artistic vision, Todd led a small group of acclaimed artists whose work made up The Inspirations of Oz Fine Art Collection. White's work was presented along with The Ruby Slipper Collection, featuring custom-made works of art from designers, including Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin and Moschino.

Following a string of record-breaking shows in the UK, Todd returned to the US to even greater acclaim, and has since become one of the most collectable and successful living artists in the world. The rate of appreciation for his work, both original and graphic, continues to spiral upward.

Lee Hayden Gallery is proud to have represented Todd since the earliest days of his fine art career.

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